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Chef Blake Cressey is New Orleans native, who grew up in the predominantly historical African-American community of the Lower Ninth Ward. While Chef Blake and her beloved city were affected by Hurricane Katrina, she did not let that stop her from graduating high school in 2006 and receiving a bachelor's degree in Health Information Management from Herzing University in 2014.


Chef Blake managed to complete her education despite being a single mother to Corey and Paris Thompson and with this motivation, she began selling food from home in 2014.


Due to her unbeknownst success and popularity, Chef Blake outgrew her home and purchased a food truck in the same year, which was dubbed the "Cadillac of Food Trucks" due to its large capacity and bright colors! After this venture, Tasty Treat LLC. name was then created with a little help from the community.


Chef Blake's customer named her food truck, Tasty Treat, after tasting one of what's being said as one of New Orleans best burgers, a Kool Kelley burger. From that day on, she then knew her dreams were finally coming true.


In 2017, after 3 years of running the food truck across states, to festivals, concerts and late night eats, Chef Blake opened the doors to her own restaurant in her.















Chef Blake's Recipes Book

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